Thursday, January 29, 2015

Figure Showcase: Revoltech Melona (Very Pink, Very NSFW)

Time for the daily figure showcase.

Today I'll be posting some pictures of my favorite figure Revoltech Melona.
Melona is the Protean Assassin from Queen's Blade. She serves the swamp witch and seeks to undermine the Queen's Blade Tournament. However, personality-wise she's an impulsive perverted "monster" (she hates being called that) who enjoys harassing her enemies.
 Melona is a shapeshifter who can morph essentially into the other members of the cast. Her secret weapon however is the slime that makes up her body. Melona can spray said slime as acid. The figure comes designed to do this.
Pros: it looks ridiculous, 
Cons: it forces Melona to be posed in close combat if you actually want her to slime her opponent.
Melona's M-Mode, which is a damaged copy of her skirt. Also her flustered expression is included.
However, the best thing about Melona is that you can use her fully cast-offable body for your other figures.
I love this figure so much I bought a 2nd one to keep fully in the buff.
I cannot recommend Melona more to any QB fan. However, due to her absurd price online, I'd wait and hope that she gets a Legacy of Revoltech re-release. 
(borrowed some K-on hands for this one)
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Figure Series: Kyoko's Yuri Adventure #1

Time for another diversion from the normal Figure Showcase. Instead we'll begin what I call "Kyoko's Yuri Adventure" as Madoka's Sakura Kyoko gets shippy with every girl she can find.

Some NFSW shots may appear, be warned.
This is one witch Kyoko can allow to live
Maybe this deity can save Kyoko from despair
Insert another unfunny witch joke here
Kyoko can protect Karen from abnormalities in her brother's absence
That one might be too big for you darling
Airi lost her clothes fighting Kyoko clearly
Egashira, this is a yuri adventure remember!
Toying with a maiden's heart, damn it man!
I'll call it a day for now. Pesky Egashira messed up Kyoko's yuri hype and she's pretty annoyed by it too.

Until next time!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Flaming Showcase #1

Time for another figure showcase! Today we'll take a look at not a figure, but more a figure accessory. We'll be viewing the Tamashii Effect - Burning Flame Red Version by Bandai. And yes this is just an excuse for me to upload pictures of my figures standing around fire. Why you may ask? Because it's cool xD

Let the Flaming Showcase Begin!
Who even needs Nyx? Not me
Mio needs some rescuing! 
Woody, Lord of Flaming Perverts 
Kuroneko, Dark Princess of  Shadow Fire (Now with the Black Background)
Airi with Spectral Fire
Fiery Sayaka is best Sayaka

I could do this forever, but instead I'll just do Flaming Showcases every once in awhile to illustrate the greatness of this prop. 

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One more for the road, battle through the flames...

Monday, January 26, 2015

Figure Review: Figma #63 Figma Lum Review

Ok so I was going to rush this out yesterday until I remembered both how fun writing a review was and how much I missed playing with this figure. Also this was my first toy review in almost 2 years so I had to try and remember how I even do this sort of thing. I hope that it was worth the wait.

So here's my review of Figma Lum from Urusei Yatsura!
Here's Lum, the bodacious alien bride of Ataru, a perverted blockhead who somehow dislikes having a girl dressed like this engaged to him. I could discuss the anime, but all that should matter is whether or not the figure accurately reflects the character. 

Similar to my original reviews I'll judge this figure based on the its:

Faces (Expressions) 

However, in the hope of showing some growth as a reviewer I'll now be adding the categories of:

Staying Power 
Collection Utility 

To explain each of these categories quickly:
Accessories: What (if anything) does the figure come with as props? (Objective)
Faces/Expressions: What faceplates can the character be displayed with? (Objective)
Playability: How much fun is it the figure to play with/use? (Subjective)
Staying Power (NEW): How fun is the figure awhile after you first buy it? (Subjective)
Collection Utility (NEW) : What does the figure provide to your collection? (Subjective)

Anyway now that I've somewhat explained how I'll be doing this. Let's get back to the figure!
This is a shot I took to show off her articulation (my feelings on articulation usually are that I notice when articulation is greatly hindered, but otherwise I usually don't talk about it much).

Now to delve into the categories!
Lum comes with:
A standard figma hand set
An open hand for her Lightning Bolt
Her Lightning Bolt ^^
Her Cousin Tet (with a stand attachment)
2 Extra Faces
A standard figma stand (not pictured, but your not missing anything)

While Lum doesn't come with that many accessories the few she has are very unique. 
Lum comes with her mighty lightning bolt. Whenever her foolish husband to be Ataru would cheat on her she'd shock his ass (My girlfriend is a jealous Pikachu more or less). She's also one of the only figmas to come with an additional figure (Tet) for what it's worth.
Granted I think Tet is pretty boring, but his inclusion is nice.
Still with only 2 real accessories I'll can only give Lum an average score.
Accessories: 6 of 10

Faces (Expressions):
Lum comes with 3 faces:

Confused, Intrigued (Default Face)
Smiling, Looking to the Right
Enraged, Angry, On the War Path

Here's a close up of Lum's Default "Oooh" face
I love this face, especially how they made it her default expression. This is a perfect look for posing Lum being confused by any ridiculous situation you can think of.

Here's her smiling face
Yep she's ready to be an idol. This is a nice face, but it's the weakest of her set in my opinion. Granted it's awesome to be able to pose her feeling happy. 

And lastly her angry face
Now this is my actual favorite face. It perfectly captures her character during the few times she gets really pissed. I feel like the only thing missing would be an Ataru for her to blast.

I love her faces, there's no dispute there. She has 3 available expressions to show off they very different emotions. I'm especially in love with her incredible exploitable confused face and the ferocity of her angry face.
Faces/Expressions: 10 of 10

For sake of ease I'll use the following omake to show off Lum's playability.
Egashira has "something" to show Lum
She's kneeling down for this one (like a good wife)
What could possibly go wrong?
Egashira got too frisky, Lum doesn't seem too happy about it
Lum and Egashira are about to fight it out
Egashira realizes he's miscalculated this challenge
Egashira gives up, Lum is too strong
Lum calms down believing that Egashira might lead to her "Darling"
Egashira just couldn't resist
Lum's fired up again!
Lum used Thunderbolt! It's Super Effective! 
Lum attempts to revive a stunned Egashira (how is it possible that Lum wasn't the one getting her nipples rubbed in this review?)

Ok enough silliness, I was having a lot of fun (which is why this post was delayed). Lum is a blast to play with
Playability: 10 of 10

Staying Power/Collection Utility: 
So this post is dragging on so I'll review both her of last points as one. You might have noticed that Mio from K-on is being displayed with Lum's body. You might have also decided that Lum's body would look great combined with other figmas. 
*I'm biased since I love Mio so much
So basically I bought Lum just to use her body for head swaps long before I watched a portion of her show and actually grew to like her character. Her Staying Power is solid since whenever you need to put a girl in a skimpy swimsuit she's there to help. Furthermore, she gives this body/outfit as utility to any figma collection. The only reason I'm not giving her 2 perfect scores is because admittedly (and this might just be from having too many figures to choose from) I barely ever use her, but again that's just me. 
Staying Power: 9 of 10
Collection Utility: 9 of 10

Final Thoughts:
Lum is an amazing figma, arguably one of the best in the initial 100 releases. I fully recommend her to any fan of her ancestral series or of figures in general. She's funny, sexy and ready to fulfill whatever role you need her for. Now if you'll excuse I suddenly need to make an Ataru cut-out...