Friday, January 23, 2015

Figma Ryuuko Showcase and Posting Schedule

So I'm hoping to post a figure showcase on this blog daily (which is a few random pics of the figure, one or more 18+ in nature). On the weekends I plan to post a new figure review. Other than that bar new arrivals, special events or bizarre circumstances I hope to continue that pattern until I've discussed every Japanese figure I've ever owned. I may have some posts about my figure philosophy, general rants about the industry or what I think makes a good toy (for adult collectors), but for now I'd rather stay loose and silly.

With that mind here's a quick showcase of Figma Matoi Ryuuko from Kill La Kill!
 The combative tomboy has been made into an awesome figure of her in her transformed state. 
Egashira is blown away that such a scandalous outfit exists among the figma line!
And now he's pissed her off (big mistake)
^Don't misunderstand here, Ryuuko is pinning Egashira before asking when Satsuki is getting released.
Not sure how Egashira turned the tables on Ryuuko or if he has a death-wish (I really wanted to show off her pained/embarrassed face)
Finally here's a pic of Mio being forced to dress as Ryuuko. Probably my favorite head-swapper (at some point I'll make a post dubbed Mio's head goes with everything)
Ryuuko's mad at me now so I should probably call it a day. Thanks for dropping by and expect more madness to ensue.

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