Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Figure Series: Kyoko's Yuri Adventure #1

Time for another diversion from the normal Figure Showcase. Instead we'll begin what I call "Kyoko's Yuri Adventure" as Madoka's Sakura Kyoko gets shippy with every girl she can find.

Some NFSW shots may appear, be warned.
This is one witch Kyoko can allow to live
Maybe this deity can save Kyoko from despair
Insert another unfunny witch joke here
Kyoko can protect Karen from abnormalities in her brother's absence
That one might be too big for you darling
Airi lost her clothes fighting Kyoko clearly
Egashira, this is a yuri adventure remember!
Toying with a maiden's heart, damn it man!
I'll call it a day for now. Pesky Egashira messed up Kyoko's yuri hype and she's pretty annoyed by it too.

Until next time!

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