Thursday, January 29, 2015

Figure Showcase: Revoltech Melona (Very Pink, Very NSFW)

Time for the daily figure showcase.

Today I'll be posting some pictures of my favorite figure Revoltech Melona.
Melona is the Protean Assassin from Queen's Blade. She serves the swamp witch and seeks to undermine the Queen's Blade Tournament. However, personality-wise she's an impulsive perverted "monster" (she hates being called that) who enjoys harassing her enemies.
 Melona is a shapeshifter who can morph essentially into the other members of the cast. Her secret weapon however is the slime that makes up her body. Melona can spray said slime as acid. The figure comes designed to do this.
Pros: it looks ridiculous, 
Cons: it forces Melona to be posed in close combat if you actually want her to slime her opponent.
Melona's M-Mode, which is a damaged copy of her skirt. Also her flustered expression is included.
However, the best thing about Melona is that you can use her fully cast-offable body for your other figures.
I love this figure so much I bought a 2nd one to keep fully in the buff.
I cannot recommend Melona more to any QB fan. However, due to her absurd price online, I'd wait and hope that she gets a Legacy of Revoltech re-release. 
(borrowed some K-on hands for this one)
Thanks for dropping by! 

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