Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Flaming Showcase #1

Time for another figure showcase! Today we'll take a look at not a figure, but more a figure accessory. We'll be viewing the Tamashii Effect - Burning Flame Red Version by Bandai. And yes this is just an excuse for me to upload pictures of my figures standing around fire. Why you may ask? Because it's cool xD

Let the Flaming Showcase Begin!
Who even needs Nyx? Not me
Mio needs some rescuing! 
Woody, Lord of Flaming Perverts 
Kuroneko, Dark Princess of  Shadow Fire (Now with the Black Background)
Airi with Spectral Fire
Fiery Sayaka is best Sayaka

I could do this forever, but instead I'll just do Flaming Showcases every once in awhile to illustrate the greatness of this prop. 

Thanks for stopping by!

One more for the road, battle through the flames...

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