Saturday, January 24, 2015

Slightly Belated Revoltech Branwen Showcase (18+ Pics abound)

Wow so I already failed to do my daily figure showcase on time. Ok so today I'll have the showcase from Saturday in addition to a fresh figure review.

The figure to show off this time is Revoltech Branwen!
Branwen comes bundled with the Queen's Blade Vanquished Queens 2 book. For that reason she's fairly pricey and harder to find, but well worth it if you can gain ownership of her!
Branwen is the enslaved dragon warrior who apparently plays to some slavery fetish (and here I thought she was just a simple gladiator, but to each their own).
Armed with her seemingly weathered to death sword and shield she'll somehow beat down all your other QB girls, getting them all enslaved in the process (Think I'm kidding just look up the Vanquished Queens translations!).
Sadly like with Catteleya not coming with her son, Branwen doesn't come with her goblin master leaving it up to you to find her a new master to be abused by (Araragi isn't ready for this responsibility).
Egashira is the boss (for now...)
Branwen is one of the best QB girls in terms of faces and cast-offability. If you can find her for a decent price. I'd pick her up. If all else fails she can be the that one gladiator girl you have lying around to compliment your Conan the Barbarian figures.
A figure review will be posted sometime later today! Until next time!

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