Sunday, February 1, 2015

Double Figure Showcase: Figma #74 Miyafuji Yoshika and Figma #106 Lynette Bishop

I took a trip out to visit friends this weekend. I thought I would be able to post while visiting, but the time flew by very quickly. I'll post the weekly review sometime tomorrow. In the meantime here's a quick double figure showcase to make up for my lateness.

For tonight's showcase we'll have Figma #74 Miyafuji Yoshika and Figma #106 Lynette Bishop. My OTP from the anime Strike Witches. There will be much yuri and a distinct lack of pants for the duration of this post. You have been warned...

So Strike Witches is a Scifi anime where "witch" girls fight aliens using magic based weaponry.
Here we can see the witches equipped with their thrusters and over-sized guns. Also while using magic they grow animal ears and tails.The figures come with accessories to recreate their battle transformation.
Also no one in this show wears pants. As such neither do the figures.
With her excited face combined with very well sculpted groping hands Yoshika was made to be the little girl Woody of your deck.
In contrast with her incredibly exploitable "Kyaaaa" face Lynette is the perfect victim for whatever random abuse you'd like to dish out. 
Both of these figures are old and harder to find. However I fully recommend each to any fan of the series or general hater of pants. Review and more nonsense to come in the future! Stay tuned!

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