Sunday, February 8, 2015

Figma #134 Mawaru Penguindrum Crystal Princess Review

I finally got around to taking pictures for a new review. Today I'll be reviewing Figma #134 Crystal Princess from Mawaru Penguindrum. I hope you have your survival strategy ready. Let's dive in.
Mawaru Penguindrum is a very strange anime about 2 "brothers" trying to save their dying "sister". I won't go into detail, though I have a very in-depth relationship with his anime. I totally recommend it if you want a bit of confusion.
Crystal Princess come with the above accessories. Like most figmas she comes with a standard set of hands. Unique to her is an additional sent of bangs to pose her without her Penguin hat. She also has a 2nd back piece for her skirt to pose her without the huge dress. Lastly, she has white frilled arm joints to replace her normal arm joints. Did I forget something?
 Oh yeah, Crystal Princess also comes with the 3 Penguins from the anime. Each penguin has articulated arms. 1-Peng comes with a magnifying glass, and 2-Peng has a can of bug spray. These penguins are pretty cute.
Crystal Princess has decent accessories, so I really can't complain.
Accessories: 9 of 10

Faces (Expressions):
Crystal Princess comes with 3 faces. The earlier face is her famous "Survival Strategy" shouting face. I view it more as an angry face to be honest, though it's definitely my favorite. 
 Crystal Princess's 2nd face is a normal neutral expression. Obviously this one just bores me.
Her last face is what I see as a condescending face for when she talks to "those who will amount to nothing!" I love this face too.
Crystal Princess is only good at being angry and rude with her faces. Though as weird as that sounds that's pretty much her character from the little we learn about her in the series. Thus, I can't hold it against the figure for capturing her bad girl side.
Faces/Expressions: 8 of 10

 Once again I'll do a joke set of pictures to show off her playability. Egashira comes in to help Crystal Princess strip a little. "Hell no," says Princess.
Egashira jacks her hat. Not cool dude.
Egashira puts on Princess's frills so you can get a quick look. 
Egashira helps her out of those dangerous clothes.
Crystal Princess is pissed off.
Princess orders her penguins to attack!
Egashira is about to get wrecked.
Oh no! Princess has fainted!
Egashira knows what to do.
*Puts back on hat
Princess is revived. Her anger toward Egashira still stands however!
Crystal Princess is a fun figma mostly due to her exploitative faces and her interesting (removable) outfit. I can't deny that she's very fun to pose.
Playability: 8 of 10

Staying Power:
 Crystal Princess again isn't a figure I use very much. I got bored of her after a few weeks, but that's because I have mixed feelings about her anime (for reasons I can't go into). I'm not saying you won't have continue to have fun with her, but I admittedly like many other figmas more then this one.
Staying Power: 6 of 10

Collection Utility:
Crystal Princess provides you with a... Princess! You can use her as the angry nasty girl with the awesome dress to save, abuse or troll. Also as an added bonus her dress is so big it acts as a psuedo-stand (allowing her to hold up Egashira). As much as I've said I don't use her I really love this figure for her angry expressions and removable outfit.
Collection Utility: 7 of 10

 Final Thoughts:  
Crystal Princess is a very fun very obscure figure, probably one of the most obscure toys in the figma line. If you were intrigued by her train crash of a series, have a weakness for doll dresses or just want an angry girl to pose shouting on your desk, then this may be the figure for you.

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