Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Figure Scene: Figma Ryuuko vs Revoltech Elina

Keeping a schedule is hard. Trying to find time for my figures is hard. The one thing I can do is post a few pictures each day while I bide my time to write a review.

In lieu of tonight's showcase here are some pictures of Ryuuko fighting Elina around fire.
Out of context is the best context for something like this.
I literally just took these a month ago at random.
Clothing is Ryuuko's natural enemy and it looks like Elina's outfit is doomed.
I tried playing around with Focal Zoom on this one.
Post fight abuse (I actually like Elina, but regardless it's just not her night).
It wouldn't be one of my posts without some random groping thrown in.
Ryuuko beat Elina, but is she a match for the true master of fire? Find out next time!

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