Monday, February 2, 2015

Figure Showcase: Revoltech Alice Boost Version (NSFW Warning)

So a copious amount of work appeared before me tonight leaving no window to take pictures for a review. I have old pictures of my figures lying around sure, but for the type of reviews I want on this blog I'd like to take fresh pictures of each figure. After which editing those pictures, uploading them and explaining my thoughts on the figure tends to take roughly 2 hours (or a least that's how long Lum's took). I don't want to half-ass the reviews since it's the closest I come to useful content at the moment. So I'll get the review up soon (definitively before the weekend), and then I'll try to get back on schedule. In the meantime, here's another quick figure showcase.

For this showcase here's Revoltech Alice Boost Version (18+ because of reasons):
I only know that Queen's Gate is the brilliant excuse for non-QB girls to join the outfit wrecking fun. I also know Alice opened the gate and that she can transform into a big (boost version) of her loli self. Why Kaiyodo made this figure over multiple members of the original cast I'll never know. I don't mean that she's a bad figure mind you, but it's like Max Factory with Suzimiya Haruhi. Sometimes 1 figure is more than enough.
Showing off the two Alice figures, though we're focusing on the bigger one tonight.
Alice comes with the same guns and whip as loli Alice. The only major difference is boost Alice doesn't have the donut face.
Alice's greatest and most questionable accessory is the (yes I know it's not actually pee, but let's be fair here that's what it's playing too) puddle. It's a pretty fun accessory in all honesty. When I first bought loli Alice I was bit grossed out by it, but now a few years later I really value it as a prop.
One last pic to show off Boost Alice fully nude. This is a great QB figure to pick up since she's not crazy expensive. That being said loli Alice was re-released as a Legacy of Revoltech so she's also cheaper to buy. Anyway, I apologize again for the delays. Thanks for stopping by. 

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