Thursday, February 5, 2015

Figure Showcase: Sailor Mars Burns Out

Another night, another figure showcase.

Tonight we'll be viewing the aforementioned Fire Master: Sailor Mars!
The shrine maiden sailor scout is the perfect excuse for me to spend another night uploading pictures of my beloved fire.
That being said Mars poses best around fire.
No one is safe on this desk. Ryuuko is about to be wrecked.
Egashira isn't ready to "do it" with this firebrand.
Her crotch is blazing.
The room is getting pretty fired up.
Egashira turns the tables on Mars. Who knows have he's got planned for her? (We all know)
Mars assumes the position.
If Egashira's lucky she can't spout fire from her ass.
Mars is tired of this nonsense. Time to call it a night. Thanks for dropping by!

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