Monday, February 9, 2015

Making Cheap Figure Accessories 1

The daily Figure Showcase is once again being compromised. Instead today we'll look at some cheap accessories you can make for your figures. NSFW pictures will prop up. 

Collars and Chains 101
For when things need to go cringe in the night, we have the various accessories to make your figures dabble in the dark side. I got the materials to make these collars at a thrift store abroad, though any cheap necklace should work to make a quick collar/chain.
Another shot to show off the collar, please ignore Annelotte and Woody as neither are the star here.
Another chain with another user.
As if any chains can bind Melona.
Not matter how dark this may seem what actually happens in Madoka is comparable if not worse.
One more for the road. I'm feeling kind of post happy today, so I'll upload another later. I'll also update this series in the future. Thanks for dropping by. 

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