Monday, March 2, 2015

Figure Accessory Showcase: Showing Off Figma Miku 2.0's Wings

So I'm not dead, but I've also got a lot of work in front of me, which is why I haven't posted the reviews yet.

Each review takes maybe an hour to 2 hours to make whereas a random figure showcase/series takes maybe 10 minutes. I will have more reviews up soon, but for the time being they will have to be a semi-rare occurrence (for example there's no way I can do them once a week as I originally planned).

I apologize greatly for this. I'll still do my best to entertain and amuse anyone who wanders here though in the meantime.

For today's daily jest we'll be adding Miku's Angel Wings to other figures!
Winged Ryuuko
Cute and crazy winged Strength
Upcoming young idol Mika borrows the wings next
Spreading despair in the air

That's all I have for right now. I'll keep to a post a day and once I can find the time I'll post another review. After which I'll try to find a new review schedule that I can manage. Thanks for dropping by.

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