Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Figure Showcase: Figma Disappearance Haruhi

It's getting harder to post once a day so I think I'll post at random for a bit. Here's a few pictures of a random figma randomly posted a a random hour.

 This old figure is Figma #77 Haruhi from the Disappearance Movie. She's a figma you either get because you're a huge Haruhi fan or you want the spare parts for Nagato Yuki (I'm got her for the latter).

I never got rid of her though due to her cool character design (slightly excited for the new anime debut).

Haruhi with her normal version.

Haruhi with Kyon. I'm not using her actual faceplates, but those of Cheerleader version I no longer own.

Someone's in trouble as usual...

Yuki's moe face!

What we came here for.

Now Haruhi is pissed, time to call it a night haha

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