Monday, May 25, 2015

Figure Series: Naked Strength Rises

This is a very NSFW post please do not read/view this is you are easily offended or at work.

Here's a chance for you to leave before you're offended...

Another chance to leave...

Here's a cute picture to satisfy your random need to view this blog page...

"Now leave before ecchi things happen!"

Still here?

Ok Let's do this...

Here is Strength in her naked glory.

Showing that butt off

Strength gets her mitts on Airi (with Melona's fabulous nude body of course)

Strength's lust intensifies

Egashira wants in

A 3-way (sort of) occurs

This is what boredom leads to...

To take off her shirt, you need to pull her arms off, then remove her torso. It was really scary to detach her torso at first, but it was worth the risk sooooooooooooo much. I love her nude form combined with her crazed expression. Expect more nude Strength probably forever.

 Oh good here's Homura to beat me to death with her golf club for my bullshit. That's a wrap for now. Later everybody.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Fun with the HunterxHunter Figmas

A friend browbeat me into digging up these 2 figures from HunterxHunter.

I loved the manga, but fell off from reading it ages ago. I mostly bought the figures since male figmas are few and far between. This is NSFW, you have been warned.

Shota asses, what a great way to start things off...

The bros are ready

Let's get the fights started! (I wish, but not really)

Robbing also (Get rekt Mami) 

Things took a certain turn pretty fast ;_;

That type of "shipper"

"How much are we getting paid for this again?"

New 3-TP

"Oh my"
You actually want to see where my sick mind went with this?

Well ok then

You shouldn't be surprised 

Gon's ass will never be the same.

On the next episode the Super Hunter Bros challenge more magical girls as I regret my life decisions more and more haha. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Figure Review: Figma Nadeko Sengoku Review

To commemorate my surviving the amount of work that's prevented me from posting for what feels like ages I going to do something I kept promising to do, but never had time for. That's right it's a new figure review!
For this review we'll be looking at Figma #119 Nadeko Sengoku from Bakemonogatari. In hindsight after watching this show it's surprising that this girl even got a figure. From the 3 seasons of the anime I survived she got very little screen-time after her "Snake" arc was resolved. 

To give some context this girl (Sengoku-chan) is one of the many girls who gets involved with some supernatural weirdness and ends up gaining help from Koyomi Araragi. Despite being his sister's age, Sengoku has a crush on Araragi, but again no screen-time, means no shipping fuel. That being said she's cute as a button and that's all that matters when it comes to the toy deal I guess. 

Anyway, let's start the review!


Sengoku comes with:
2 optional faceplates (more on that below)
A hand for holding her good luck charm

2 alternate arms 
2 special hands for posing her with her hands together 

A windblown alternate jacket 

A figma hand rack with 2 new hands for gripping her hat

So Sengoku doesn't come with that many accessories. The main thing lacking is some representation of the snake that attacked her in the series. That being said her jackets are both really great accessories (the normal one and the windblown one). Neither interferes with posing her and each is a fairly unique attribute of her figma. That's enough for me to give her a decent score.

Accessories: 7 of 10

Faces (Expressions): 

As you saw above Sengoku like most figmas has 2 alternate faces. Her default is a normal smiling face.

Her 2nd face is a happy enamored face
This is my favorite face as its really exploitable for posing Sengoku in absurd situations (some of such will be pictured below, of course)

Her 3rd face is a pained, scared, sad face
Of course this face is also very useful for all the other lewd- I mean tense situations that poor Sengoku might find herself in. Faces are an A+ for this figure. I can't think of what else she should have other than another less excited smiling face, not that I'm complaining of course.

Faces: 10 of 10

In sharp contrast to this character's nature I posed her in some more action scenes (mostly to show off the windblown jacket). 

Sengoku is ready to fight her way back into relevance.

Of course this means she has to battle with Araragi's girlfriend Senjougahara Hitagi.

Poorly choreographed kick!

The crab goes down for the count! 

Sengoku wins! 

Aww she woke up and it was all just a dream (of course)

So yeah she's fun to play with. If you like her character or just want a cool looking moe girl to display with your men she'll do just fine. 

Playability: 8 of 10

Collection Utility: (NSFW Warning) 
Sengoku is a great figma as her faces make her versatile for whatever scene you're looking to pose. Here she makes a good damsel in distress (Ryuuko being the bully for convenience).

 If you're just looking for a good female figure she can also play the part as the sexy young waifu of your desk (and yes I know she's probably 12, but darn it most anime girls seem to be!). 

 Sengoku can't match the sexiness of the Revoltech Queen's Blade cast. Still she's a lot less likely to draw weird looks so it balances out. 

The only reason I won't give her a high score is that most figures provide a better damsel, fighter or waifu than she does. Granted I have a lot of figures so it makes sense I'd abandon certain ones, but I literally picked her up after possibly a year of none use for this review. 

Collection Utility: 6 of 10

Staying Power: 
 So as I just mentioned I pretty much forgot that I had this figure. It's not that she's bad, but that she's just kind of forgettable. What made me remember her was her cool jacket so I started to take some pictures of her with it (and thus this review was born). 

It escalated quickly into things like this not surprisingly...
(I took TV Strength's jacket off hehe, I'll post more pictures of her later) 

Pretty much if you pick this figure up 3 years later you'll probably have fun with it, but if you have literally any other female figures you're more than likely forget all about poor little Sengoku.

Staying Power: 6 of 10

Final Thoughts:
Sengoku is a really fun and versatile figure. I can't recommend her though unless you're a hardcore Bakemonogatari fan or figma collector. Otherwise she might wind up gathering dust as you pick up other figures to play with instead of her. Well until next time thanks for dropping by.