Monday, May 25, 2015

Figure Series: Naked Strength Rises

This is a very NSFW post please do not read/view this is you are easily offended or at work.

Here's a chance for you to leave before you're offended...

Another chance to leave...

Here's a cute picture to satisfy your random need to view this blog page...

"Now leave before ecchi things happen!"

Still here?

Ok Let's do this...

Here is Strength in her naked glory.

Showing that butt off

Strength gets her mitts on Airi (with Melona's fabulous nude body of course)

Strength's lust intensifies

Egashira wants in

A 3-way (sort of) occurs

This is what boredom leads to...

To take off her shirt, you need to pull her arms off, then remove her torso. It was really scary to detach her torso at first, but it was worth the risk sooooooooooooo much. I love her nude form combined with her crazed expression. Expect more nude Strength probably forever.

 Oh good here's Homura to beat me to death with her golf club for my bullshit. That's a wrap for now. Later everybody.

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