Saturday, July 4, 2015

Figure Series: Ryuuko vs Yami (Part 1)

Last time on this strange series of images...

Yami: "..."
Momo: "Uh...uh... I'm sorry ok? Sto...Stop!"

Sometime later...

Momo: "Mind if I borrow that outfit?"
Ryuuko: "Hehe, you're cute"

Ryuuko: "I'm not usually into this sort of thing you feel me?"
Momo: "No worries same... want to see something cool?" *drools*

Ryuuko: "Ahhh! This is gross! Make it stop!"
Momo: *Drools* "If I could wear that Rito-san would..."

Momo: "Uwaaa"
Ryuuko: "Grrr you little!"

Ryuuko: "When I get my hands on you!" *Tears vines*
Momo: "Uh oh" *Bolts*

Momo: "Hey Yami! Quick you've gotta fight this chick!"
Yami: "Huh?"

Ryuuko: "MOMO!!!"

Yami: "This is utter bull-"

To be continued (sort of)

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