Thursday, November 12, 2015

Revoltech MelonaxAiri Omake Series

It's that time again. I said every 3 weeks I'd post something and darn it I can maintain a schedule that loose! So first and foremost this is a very NSFW post coming your way. I highly recommend closing this page if:

  • You're at work
  • You're made uncomfortable by naked toys (though I'm not sure why you clicked on this then)
  • You hate the Airi+Melona ship or that ship having a random guy wander in 

Anyway, the following is corny, pervy and absurd, but I had some fun taking the pictures and that's all that matters. Enjoy!

Airi: "I'm still not sure why we're doing this" >:(
Melona: "Just chill this is going to be awesome" :D

Melona: "You're pretty cute ya know?"
Airi: "You're not bad yourself"

Melona: "Feel like going all the way?" ;)
Airi: *giggles 

Airi: "Hey that tickles!" xD
Melona: Hehehe"

Melona: "And that's a wrap"

Airi: "Are you so sure?" >:)
Melona: "Eh Airi what are you-"

Airi: "I going to toy with you for a change"
Melona: "Wai- ahhh!"

Melona: "How long is this post anyway?" 
Airi: "Almost finished, now get back here"

Airi: "Oh the Master is coming!"
Melona: "Errr"

Until next time!