Saturday, December 31, 2016

Keeping a Promise (End of 2016 Post)

I said I'd review all the figures I owned this year. Obviously I didn't come remotely close. So to save face and provide a sort of New Years special I'm going to score every figure I owe on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the worst and 10 being the best). As I'm crunched for time this is going to be kind of quick.

Here is the full list of all the figures I currently own (thanks to MFC):

Black Rock Shooter: 6
Madoka: 9
Ryuuko Matoi: 10
Mami Tomoe (Magical Girl): 10
Homura Akemi: 9
BR Goldsaw: 7
Sakura Kyoko (Magical Girl): 9
Dead Master: 8
Miku 2.0: 8
Sayaka Miki (Magical Girl): 8
Strength TV Version: 8
Kaito: 6
Sengogahara Hitagi: 8
Okabe Rintaro: (Never Opened)
Azusa: 8
Crystal Princess: 7
Koyomo Araragi: 9
Madoka (School Uniform): 8
Super Sonico: 8
Yui: 7
Mio: 9
Ritsu: 8
Mayoi: 8
Kirino: 8
Yugi Moto: 8
She: Archetype (Flesh): 9
Nyaruko: 9
Tsumugi: 8
Kuroneko: 7
Len: 6
Mami Tomoe (School Uniform): 7
Haruhi (School Uniform): 7
Ika Musume: 9
Gon Frecks: 7
Karen Araragi: 9
Mika Jougasaki: 9
Sakura Kyoko (Casual): 8
Haruhi (Disappearance Version): 6
Killua: 7
Tsukihi Araragi: 8
Sayaka Miki (School Uniform): 7
Kanbaru Suruga: 7
Nozomi (Se Kirara): 6
Aya Kagura (Morning Coffee): 9
Sengoku Nadeko: 8
Eli Ayase: 9
Nagato Yuki: 7
Miyafuji Yoshika: 7
Lum: 10
Kosaka Honoka: 8
Kyon: 7
Mikuru Asahina (School Uniform): 9
Egashira 2:50: 10
Nozomi Tojo: 9
Ayase: 8
Mikuru Asahina (Waitress): 9
Mikuru Asahina (Adult): 7
Lynette Bishop: 8
Ryko Asakura: 7
Phantom Ein: 8
Manaka (Love Plus): 8
Micheal Jackson: 8
Indiana Jones: 8
Terraformar: 9
Mikuru Asahina (Cheerleader): 7
Ted 2: 9
Figma Plus Classroom: 8
Figma Plus Bridge: 7

Woody: 10
Alice: 10
Alleyne: 7
Melona: 10
Cattleya: 8
Annelotte: 9
Airi: 9
Menace: 10
Aludra: 8
Branwen: 7
Ymir: 6
Nanael: 9
Elina: 10
Shiggy: 6
Echidna: 7
Alice (Boost Form): 8
Nowa: 7
Leina: 6
Ayanami Rei (Bandaged): 7
Nanael (2P Color): 7
Gloomy Bear: 9
Jessie: 8

S.H. Figuarts:
Sailor Moon: 10
Sailor Mercury: 7
Sailor Venus: 7
Sailor Jupiter: 7
Sailor Mars: 6
Yami: 6
Momo: 10
Tamashii Stand: 10
Tamashii Fire Effect: 10
Tamashii Crater: 10

Monokuma: 8
Airi: 6

Momo: 8

Evolution Toys:
Katja: 7

So some takeaways

I really do love these figures so I couldn't give any of them a really bad score. Figure a 6 means I found problems with the figure that hindered my enjoyment of it whereas a 10 means there was nothing that interfered. 

Anyway, I hope to post more in 2017. Here's to more funny figure photos to come. 

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Figma #276 Yugi Moto Review (King of Not Being Dead)

School kicked my butt and as a result I haven't had any time to post here. I'll try to make it up with as many posts as I can before 2016 ends (review all my figures that was a great joke right?)



 Yugi comes with:
2 Face plates
A windblown cloak
A hand rack with 2 hands molded to hold his cards
1 Card
A full hand of cards
A Duel Disk
A separate set of eyes
and ofc a stand
 Yugi with his cloak on

 Trying to show off Yugi's optional eyes, but got too creeped out to continue xD

Here's Yugi with his Cape and Duel Disk on!

Yugi with his hand of cards and pointing hand

All in all Yugi's accessories are on point. I couldn't ask for anything more!
Accessories: 10 of 10


Yugi comes with 2 faces:
His default confident smile

His stern angry face.

And that's it. I may be spoiled by figures with 3 faces and to be fair this is a decent range of emotion. Still these faces are a tad boring. Then again I can't think of what else I'd want so it's a paradox.

Faces: 7 of 10


 If you like Yugioh (which I assume if you've gotten this far) you'll hopefully love posing your figures playing it (the duel disk on Madoka was saved from one of the much older yugi figures). 

Yugi's duel disk fits on other figmas also, which allows you to get anyone into the game!

 The nerdy dream of the Witch of the East vs the King of Games!

Only issue I have is that Yugi is quite tall, while Nozomi is short. That being said Yugi pairs decently with many figures. 

Various responses to the King

Yugi is really fun to pose hanging out with your other figures. My only gripe is his height, but it's not awful. 

Playability: 9 of 10

Staying Power:

(I may obsessed with crack shipping these 2)

Anyway, as long as you like Yugioh, you'll likely keep enjoying this Yugi Moto figma. That being said I never like grading this category so soon. Give me a year to be sure.

Staying Power:
8 of 10

Collection Utility:

In a sea of underage girl toys Yugi stands out as one of the few male figures I'm happy to have. He's very dynamic looking and different from the average figma. He's a bit pricey (this cost me about $50). Still if you're a big Yugioh fan, you'll probably like this figure!

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

New Figure First Impressions and Review Figma #285 Nozomi Tojo Predicted This!

Few times in my figure collecting life I have been as excited for a figure as I was for Nozomi Tojo. She is my favorite character from Love Live School Idol Festival and the one I wanted most as figure. In lieu of my normal witty banter about never having time for reviews, let's just get into it.

As you hopefully already know if you're here, Nozomi is the fortune teller of the group. She often predicts the plot while retaining a air of mystery, that is when she isn't getting up in random shenanigans

The box pictures.

Eli is excited to have her sidekick in tow, but Honoka seems worried about it.


Nozomi comes with:

2 Faces
2 Purple Poles
A video camera
A tarot card (with 2 stickers for it)
A schoolbag
Standard Love Live 2 sets of Hands
And a stand I forgot to take out

Nozomi also comes with quite a few accessories. Similar to her predecessors she has the standard poles and a bag. Specific to her we have one of her much beloved tarot cards. 

However, without a doubt her most interesting (and exploitable) accessory is her video camera. This item really helps to bring out her teasing side and I love it alot. 

Accessories: 10 of 10


Nozomi has 3 faces:

A simple closed mouth smile

A cute open mouthed smile

and of course her mischievous clenched teeth smile

As you already probably guessed I love Nozomi's evil smile. Her open mouth smile is also pretty cute too. Of course she's lacking in the range of emotion department, but the emotions she can show (joy and insidiousness) she does very well.

Faces: 8 of 10


Most of my joy from Nozomi comes from the use of her camera to film other figures in questionable circumstances (or in this case catching Honoka breaking the diet). In addition she comes 2 very character specific hands...

Nozomi: "You must be punished"
Honoka: "Eeeeeekkkk!" 

Nozomi joins the few proud figmas to have dedicated "grope" hands. 

Which of course allows her to "punish" her fellow idols for whatever reason she can come up with.

Whether groping or unplanned filming, I've had a lot of fun with Nozomi so far.

Playability: 9 of 10

Staying Power:

My ever-cope out, I've had the figure for a few weeks or so. I can't tell if I'll love it next year. Though as she's one of my favorite characters I'm not too worried.

Staying Power: ?

Collection Utility:

Ok so my legitimate gripe with Nozomi is her awkward height. She's barely taller than Honoka, but shorter than Eli. Somehow this makes her look really awkward in contrast to other figures (especially the revoltechs). I can't really pose her next to most other figmas without the height actually being a problem. For some reason I just didn't have this problem with Eli and never noticed it with Honoka. 

 It's not a deal breaker by any means and I still think Nozomi will brighten up any desk you add her too. Just remember that the Love Live figmas are a bit shorter than most. That being said if you're a Nozomi fan like me it probably won't be a real issue :)

Collection Utility: 8 of 10

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

New Figure First Impressions/Review Figma #253 Honoka Kousaka Starts the Show!

Wow 2 whole posts this month. I'm impressed and saddened that this is a feat. Anyway, I got this Honoka figma on Amazon for an insanely good price. As a result here's my first thoughts in standard review format.

As you probably know Honoka is the "leader" of the School Idol Group Muse from Love Live School Idol Project. She's a well-natured goof, I don't know how else to describe her character.


I went deep on the box photos this time.

Eli seems impatient over and wants to start scolding Honoka already.


Honoka comes with:
  • 2 extra faces
  • 2 sets of hands
  • A schoolbag 
  • 2 small poles (still not sure)
  • A microphone 
  • A bread piece with 2 hands to hold it
  • A standard stand (I forgot to take out lol)

Honoka comes with a decent number of extra items. Here's her with her mic.

and here's her bag.

Here's Honoka with her much beloved bread.

The main appeal of the love live figmas is still the huge array of hands though. They may all be the same, but they give you a lot of options while posing.

Lastly here's the duo about to fight it out with the poles.

Overall Honoka's accessories make sense and for her character are spot on. She somehow comes out better than Eli in that regard even though the only differences are the bread and the mic.

Accessories: 9 of 10


Honoka has 3 faces:

A open mouth cute smiling face

An even cuter closed eyes, ecstasy sort of face (looks like she's either enjoying a great meal... or having an orgasm just saying!)

And a frightened excited face

It goes without saying that I love these faces. They're incredibly exploitable and offers Honoka a wide range of emotion. Also can recall each of these faces from the show so that's a huge plus. 

Faces: 10 of 10


Savagery incoming

Honoka: "Oh boy today's bread is delicious as usual!" (at least I think that's what she says)

*Stomach growls*
Eli: "...err... I can't resist!"


Honoka: "..."

Honoka is a lot of fun to pose. She's great to pose happily playing around or in mortal terror as Eli noms on her bread. Khoroso senpai is being surprisingly naughty teasing her kouhai like this, but I couldn't help it, this was so much fun to shoot!

Of course Honoka's terror expressions has other uses too. I'm sure Echidna would love to show her a "move" or two. Also Honoka has a bit of an awkward size, but she still seems to line up decently with the other figures.

And of course I wouldn't be me if I didn't have at least one questionably pose photo. At least she's happy though.

If you like Love Live or just want a silly looking school girl figure, then look no further.

Playability: 10 of 10

Staying Power:

Yeah I can't tell if I'll still love Honoka like I do now. I'm always sort of biased toward new figures so I can't judge their staying power. I've owned multiple cute schoolgirl figures and grown bored of them for various reasons. That being said not many of them had expression as versatile as Honoka, except for Mikuru Asahina, but she had the benefit of 4 figmas made of her xD

Staying Power: ?

Collection Utility: 

Obviously it would be great to assemble the whole 9-person Muse crew, but figures are pricey and college students like me aren't rich. As a standalone figure I think Honoka is very solid, but I personally really like posing her with Eli so far(I might lowkey ship it). The standard logic that if you like the character you'll like this figure proves true here. They did a really great job on this one. 

Collection Utility: 8 of 10

Anyway thanks for reading/browsing!