Tuesday, February 23, 2016

New Figure/Figure Review: Figma #160 Nyaruko-San Smashes In!

On the one hand it's somewhat awkward to review a figure I just got. However, on the flip side this means that I not only have a lot of pictures of it, but that I also have thinking about the figure a lot of late. Not to mention I promised reviews like crazy even though I have literally 0 time to do them. So with all that nonsense in mind here's my review/first impressions of Figma #160 Nyaruko from Haiyore Nyaruko-San!

Back view of the box

Figure right our of the box


Nyaruko comes in her trademark (yet sporadically worn in the show) black checkered dress. Weapon-wise she comes with her crowbar and grenade. 

(Yes, I know it has some really weird name, but it's literally a crowbar)

(Equally weird named grenade)

That's all she has in the way of accessories. That being said both are pretty fun to use. I can't actually think of something else I'd really want her to come with other than a fork or a psp. I haven't gotten tired yet of having her mug other figures with her crowbar yet either haha.

Late NSFW warning

Accessories: 7 of 10


Nyaruko has 3 faces (which you've already seen at this point, but whatevs)

Default is a cute winking face with a open mouth smile. Great for posing her as a normal girl/idol instead of an alien abomination.

Second is a shouting/angry face, which is perfect for posing her fighting (and effortlessly defeating) her various enemies.

Her third face is her insidious smirk, which is my favorite as you can use it for many evil and perverted situations.

Faces: 10 of 10

I mean what can you say. All I ever asked for is a range of emotions and she's got it. 


Due to the ridiculous nature of her series/character it's very easy to find silly and absurd things to do with this figure.

Here we start by defeating Mami 

We then transition into "flirting" with Araragi

And finally having "fun" with Melona

My point being she's great for both fighting and perversion. 

*Kneels to pray to the unspeakable for this amazing figure

If you like her character, with a little imagination you'll never run out of "things" for her to "do"

Playability: 10 of 10

Staying Power:

So if you survived my terrible innuendo then you'll see that I put Nyaruko on the flesh body figma (because of course I would). Though Nyaruko actually stands out in that she looks really good on a lot of figma bodies. I actually spent the bulk of my time just moving her head to different bodies and seeing how she looked.  

Now this may seem mundane, but most figmas in my opinion) don't transition bodies and still look good. Nyaruko stands out probably due to her hair color and just looks great (again in my opinion) on many different bodies. 

Idol Nyaruko 

Magical Girl Nyaruko 

Schoolgirl Nyaruko

So my point is hopefully this doesn't get old and I'll be amused swapping her head for years to come. 

Staying Power: 8 of 10 
(It's hard to just staying power with a new figure)

Collection Utility 

(I really like this one)

Nyaruko provides alot of options for violence and perversion. I enjoyed her show so obviously I really like her figure. She's a nice figure to shake up a stagnant shelf or desk. A cute girl, who's also a monster, crime fighter and horny lover all in one. Who could resist? 

Collection Utility: 8 of 10

Closing Thoughts:

I'm not sure yet if I'm in love with this figure or I'm just excited to have a new one after all of this time. I had to look long and hard to find this one too as she's become somewhat rare and pricey. I might look back at her years from now (hopefully) to see if she remained as much fun as she is right now. However, I'm not worried about that at all. The only thing I dislike about this figure is that I'm certain that her giant ahogi will break before the end of my lifetime. Other than that she's pretty great.

 Thanks for reading! 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Figuarts x Figma: Golden Darkness Flesh Archetype

So as the title should allude to, this is yet another NFSW post. I don't mean for all my posts to be like this, but honestly I need them to be somewhat pervy for me to relieve stress (which is the name of the game). So I messed around trying out the flesh color figma she archetype and found that S.H. Figuarts Yami's head fits on it really well.

"Hey what are you?!"

Like better than her actual body well hehe. So now let's get started with a modest gallery/omake...

Momo gets Yami her favorite snack to calm her down.

Nom nom nom

"Hey stop looking at me! I hate perverts!"


"Stop looking at me!"


*Side view

"I'm make you pay-"

"Ahh...noo..it's...so..slimy..." x_x
(Throwback to the pipe cleaner tentacle)

"You're dead now mate!"

Yep that's it for me lol

Thanks for dropping by!

*Yami then proceeds to kick my ass without remorse

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Figure Tips & Ideas: Easy Tentacle Prop

I got bored and decided to throw together this quick series of pictures. Have you ever wanted a tentacle monster for your desk? I know I do, but I don't want to either look up how to get one or to drop a lot of money on such a figure. In the meantime I used the following tricks to bind my figures.

The following set of photos are:





Please view responsibly.

Quite the predicament caused by a simple pipe cleaner. You can pick these up at pretty easily in the crafts section of general stores. This stuff is pretty easy to come by and also works well in wrapping up your figures. I started using this stuff after having trouble with S.H. Figuarts Momo's vine prop.

The box shows that you can use her vine to tie up the S.H. Figuarts Yami figure. However in my experience Momo's vine is too short and not flexible enough to actually wrap around Yami.

I've tried to pose them like the box for a long time and this is still the best I can do (without trying too hard). In comparison it's really easy to wrap up Yami (on any figure for that matter) with the longer and more malleable pipe cleaner. 

That's the stuff. You can do alot of weird stuff with pipe cleaners. That's all for today. Thanks for dropping by. Hope you got a chuckle and some prop ideas :D

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Random Night First Post of Feb

I had the sudden urge to upload some of January's photos. I couldn't come up with a theme so here's a couple shots taken at random...

NSFW, because of course





Momo and the Flower Garden of Women

Alice about to hunt

Alice Successful Capture

Violation Mounts 

Woody attacks

Manako in the Buff

More Woody attacks (Spooky Madoka)

Riding Egs

That's all for the night. Staying true to randomness at all times.