Saturday, February 20, 2016

Figuarts x Figma: Golden Darkness Flesh Archetype

So as the title should allude to, this is yet another NFSW post. I don't mean for all my posts to be like this, but honestly I need them to be somewhat pervy for me to relieve stress (which is the name of the game). So I messed around trying out the flesh color figma she archetype and found that S.H. Figuarts Yami's head fits on it really well.

"Hey what are you?!"

Like better than her actual body well hehe. So now let's get started with a modest gallery/omake...

Momo gets Yami her favorite snack to calm her down.

Nom nom nom

"Hey stop looking at me! I hate perverts!"


"Stop looking at me!"


*Side view

"I'm make you pay-"

"'" x_x
(Throwback to the pipe cleaner tentacle)

"You're dead now mate!"

Yep that's it for me lol

Thanks for dropping by!

*Yami then proceeds to kick my ass without remorse

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