Sunday, March 20, 2016

New Figure/First Impressions Figma #123 Ika Musume Invades!

De geso de geso!

A new figure has arrived!

I want to give my first impressions of this new (actually crazy old) figma I just got. It's Ika-Musume from Ika-Musume (Squid Girl), the nefarious messenger of the sea here to invade humanity.

Ika comes with:
  • 2 faceplates
  • A head with her tentacles cut off
  • Beer glass with removable beer
  • Shrimp rice
  • Shrimp rice with ink on it
  • and the greatest accessory ever

The dank tentacle bangs. Ika comes with flexible tentacles on for bangs that allow you to pose her attacking other figures with her squid powers.
I've had so much fun playing with her tentacles, helping Ika to defeat the puny humans.

Ika Rampage!

But it's not so easy for Ika sometimes.

Ika's de-tentacled look allows you to portray our hero on the ropes after she's defeated.

It's all over now. Invasion on hold until Woody finishes.

Or Egashira for that matter. Ika can't defeat this human so easily!


This figure is amazing. I'll give her a formal review once I have more pictures taken of her. I really wanted to start posting some pictures of her here on the blog. I hope to start a Ika vs Series when she goes around tentacle-rap... I mean defeating enemies of her invasion.

Thanks for dropping by! 

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