Sunday, April 3, 2016

Vs Figma Ika Musume #1

I promised that Ika would begin her reign of terror and with my great desire to shut out the hardships at hand I decided to start it now. The following are a series of pictures of Ika either wrapping up or getting rekt in her quest to conquer all the other figures I have lying around. You ready? Let's get started :)

Our "Hero"

Ika vs Mami

Ika slips up and grabs Mami from behind. Without the ability to pull her guns the magical girl is powerless.

"Noooo! Let me go!" - Mami
"Hahaha! I'll let you go once you swear allegiance to me de geso!" - Ika

Ika vs Homura

Ika challenges Homura directly

As Homura tries to pull her gun Ika starts to restrain her!

Homura stops time allowing her destroy Ika's tentacles. Our beloved invader loses this round.

Ika vs Airi

Airi underestimates Ika and gets caught rather quickly.

"You'll be callin me master now de geso!"

Ika vs Menace

Menace's magic wasn't stronger than Ika's tentacles!

Ika probably about to steal the Queen's Blade title

Ika vs Lum

Ika decides it's time to stomp out her invader competition

Unfortunately for Ika, Lum has lightning powers putting her at steep disadvantage (Electric > Water)

Lum fries Ika's tentacles (Savage right?) Ika's plans to invade are once again on hold.

That's all for now, but don't worry Ika's already plotting how to conquer all of the puny land dwellers as we speak! 

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