Friday, May 27, 2016

New Figure First Impressions/Review Figma #259 Eli Ayase Runs the Show!

I got a new figure recently. After loving the anime Love Live School Idol Project I picked up a figma of Eli Ayase, 3rd Year school Idol from the show. I didn't like her that much from the anime, but after some doujinshi/spinoff mangas she quickly became one of my favorites.

I'm going to follow the same model as with Ika and Nyaruko. I don't want to think too hard so please just enjoy the photos/review.


Eli comes with:
  • 2 faces
  • 2 sets of hand racks!
  • A Hamburger and Wrapper
  • 2 small poles (I don't remember the correct term)
  • A school bag
  • Standard Figma Stand 

Eli's most impressive accessories are her tons of hands. She comes with designs I had never seen before, which really makes her stand out.

Accessories: 8 of 10


I didn't get the exclusive Eli face (which is a practice I really don't agree with). So mine came with a winking flirting smile and a pouting annoyed expression. 

Winking Face

Pouting Face

As usual I judge figures on their range of emotions derived from their faces. Eli can be both happy and angry this is enough for me. I think her expressions are very cute and also very exploitable...

Faces/Expressions: 8 of 10 


I did mention exploiting her faces right? Well you know how this goes (some NSFW pictures to follow). 

Eli meets a fan of Muse. How will this encounter go?

In a totally unrelated story, Eli steps in to save Mami from Egashira (and offer a productive change of pace) 

Ika decides to abduct Eli in order to support her invasion!

So yeah, I had a lot of fun messing around with Eli. She's very cute and useful as a character for your desk.

Playability: 8 of 10

Staying Power:

I have no idea if I'll still like Eli this much in say 4 months. She's a school girl (technically an idol, but...) so there's a possibility I'll get bored of her like the many Haruhi figmas I've left in storage. That being said what Eli has going for her is that she has a lot of hands which allow her to be posed in many types of ways. Also I can tell that the quality figmas has improved since said haruhi figmas from 5+ years ago. The mere fact that Eli feels so new to me only makes me like her even more. 

Staying Power: ?

Collection Utility:

Eli as aforementioned looks like a simple school girl. If you hadn't seen the show you would never think that she's an idol. Now if you're a fan of Love Live, then you'll love this figure. She's really cute and really fun. 

Collection Utility: 7 of 10

Thanks for reading :) 

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