Tuesday, August 2, 2016

New Figure First Impressions/Review Figma #253 Honoka Kousaka Starts the Show!

Wow 2 whole posts this month. I'm impressed and saddened that this is a feat. Anyway, I got this Honoka figma on Amazon for an insanely good price. As a result here's my first thoughts in standard review format.

As you probably know Honoka is the "leader" of the School Idol Group Muse from Love Live School Idol Project. She's a well-natured goof, I don't know how else to describe her character.


I went deep on the box photos this time.

Eli seems impatient over and wants to start scolding Honoka already.


Honoka comes with:
  • 2 extra faces
  • 2 sets of hands
  • A schoolbag 
  • 2 small poles (still not sure)
  • A microphone 
  • A bread piece with 2 hands to hold it
  • A standard stand (I forgot to take out lol)

Honoka comes with a decent number of extra items. Here's her with her mic.

and here's her bag.

Here's Honoka with her much beloved bread.

The main appeal of the love live figmas is still the huge array of hands though. They may all be the same, but they give you a lot of options while posing.

Lastly here's the duo about to fight it out with the poles.

Overall Honoka's accessories make sense and for her character are spot on. She somehow comes out better than Eli in that regard even though the only differences are the bread and the mic.

Accessories: 9 of 10


Honoka has 3 faces:

A open mouth cute smiling face

An even cuter closed eyes, ecstasy sort of face (looks like she's either enjoying a great meal... or having an orgasm just saying!)

And a frightened excited face

It goes without saying that I love these faces. They're incredibly exploitable and offers Honoka a wide range of emotion. Also can recall each of these faces from the show so that's a huge plus. 

Faces: 10 of 10


Savagery incoming

Honoka: "Oh boy today's bread is delicious as usual!" (at least I think that's what she says)

*Stomach growls*
Eli: "...err... I can't resist!"


Honoka: "..."

Honoka is a lot of fun to pose. She's great to pose happily playing around or in mortal terror as Eli noms on her bread. Khoroso senpai is being surprisingly naughty teasing her kouhai like this, but I couldn't help it, this was so much fun to shoot!

Of course Honoka's terror expressions has other uses too. I'm sure Echidna would love to show her a "move" or two. Also Honoka has a bit of an awkward size, but she still seems to line up decently with the other figures.

And of course I wouldn't be me if I didn't have at least one questionably pose photo. At least she's happy though.

If you like Love Live or just want a silly looking school girl figure, then look no further.

Playability: 10 of 10

Staying Power:

Yeah I can't tell if I'll still love Honoka like I do now. I'm always sort of biased toward new figures so I can't judge their staying power. I've owned multiple cute schoolgirl figures and grown bored of them for various reasons. That being said not many of them had expression as versatile as Honoka, except for Mikuru Asahina, but she had the benefit of 4 figmas made of her xD

Staying Power: ?

Collection Utility: 

Obviously it would be great to assemble the whole 9-person Muse crew, but figures are pricey and college students like me aren't rich. As a standalone figure I think Honoka is very solid, but I personally really like posing her with Eli so far(I might lowkey ship it). The standard logic that if you like the character you'll like this figure proves true here. They did a really great job on this one. 

Collection Utility: 8 of 10

Anyway thanks for reading/browsing! 

Monday, August 1, 2016

S.H. Figuarts Momo Figure Review

What an actual figure review? I never do those. Nah I normally just don't think to do these, but I really love this figure and she's relatively budget so I thought I'd talk about her and provide some pictures. A few are NSFW, but compared to my usual its tame.

Here's a somewhat random picture of Momo lounging to start things off. As you hopefully know (otherwise why open the link) she's the 3rd princess of the Deviluke family from the anime To Love Ru Darkness (technically To Love Ru, but she gains importance in the later series). 


Momo comes pretty light in terms of accessories I have to admit. She has:

2 additional faceplates
6 hands
Her super-powered cellphone
A vine
Specialized stand (you know I'm desperate when I'm calling this an accessory!)

As I'll get to later I really like Momo's faces and obviously I'm biased as a fan of her character. That being said she really comes with next to nothing...

Here's an example picture of Momo wielding her vine. I don't think she ever did this in the manga or the anime she usually just spawned them with her phone. -___-

Here's an on-point accessory. Momo definitely uses her phone a lot to summons plants to fight for her. One of her hands has been sculpted to hold it perfectly. 

Some of her extra hands.

Oh boy the stand. It does look nice to be fair.

That being said 2 real accessories is nowhere near a passing grade here.

Accessories: 5 out of 10 


Momo has 3 faces:

A normal smiling face

A blushing/aroused face

and a weakened/sleeping/expecting a kiss expression

So for full disclosure, back when I was far younger and much more impulsive I bought this figure just because I liked the pervy smiling face. I would only later realize that it portrays the face Momo makes when she starts fantasizing about Rito or the harem plan. As such I like the face even more now. Her smile is cute and her 3rd expression is decent if you want to pose her troubled by something (or someone).

Faces: 9 of 10


I should admit that as a huge fan of Momo Deviluke I use this figure a lot for posing. I never get tired of the potential pervy adventures Momo can have in her quest to grow Rito's harem.

For example:

And these are only my recent pictures of her in random weird situations. The amount of roles I've used her for is numerous. I find her very fun to play with.

Playability: 9 of 10

Collection Utility/Staying Power:

I guess it shouldn't be hard to guess my verdicts on the last 2 arbitrary categories. This figure is great for To Love Ru fans and pretty much below average for anyone else. I love it and still take pictures of it to this day, because I'm a big fan of Momo. If you are too then I fully recommend this figure. Otherwise you can get a lot better figures even for her low price (I think she still goes for $30-40 maybe lower). 

Collection Utility/Staying Power: 10 of 10 

This never even happened in the show/manga and yet is an advertised way to pose the figures together? I don't get it, but tying up Yami is always nice so I'll let it slide.

Thanks for surviving my flood of overt favoritism. 

See you next time!