Saturday, September 24, 2016

New Figure First Impressions and Review Figma #285 Nozomi Tojo Predicted This!

Few times in my figure collecting life I have been as excited for a figure as I was for Nozomi Tojo. She is my favorite character from Love Live School Idol Festival and the one I wanted most as figure. In lieu of my normal witty banter about never having time for reviews, let's just get into it.

As you hopefully already know if you're here, Nozomi is the fortune teller of the group. She often predicts the plot while retaining a air of mystery, that is when she isn't getting up in random shenanigans

The box pictures.

Eli is excited to have her sidekick in tow, but Honoka seems worried about it.


Nozomi comes with:

2 Faces
2 Purple Poles
A video camera
A tarot card (with 2 stickers for it)
A schoolbag
Standard Love Live 2 sets of Hands
And a stand I forgot to take out

Nozomi also comes with quite a few accessories. Similar to her predecessors she has the standard poles and a bag. Specific to her we have one of her much beloved tarot cards. 

However, without a doubt her most interesting (and exploitable) accessory is her video camera. This item really helps to bring out her teasing side and I love it alot. 

Accessories: 10 of 10


Nozomi has 3 faces:

A simple closed mouth smile

A cute open mouthed smile

and of course her mischievous clenched teeth smile

As you already probably guessed I love Nozomi's evil smile. Her open mouth smile is also pretty cute too. Of course she's lacking in the range of emotion department, but the emotions she can show (joy and insidiousness) she does very well.

Faces: 8 of 10


Most of my joy from Nozomi comes from the use of her camera to film other figures in questionable circumstances (or in this case catching Honoka breaking the diet). In addition she comes 2 very character specific hands...

Nozomi: "You must be punished"
Honoka: "Eeeeeekkkk!" 

Nozomi joins the few proud figmas to have dedicated "grope" hands. 

Which of course allows her to "punish" her fellow idols for whatever reason she can come up with.

Whether groping or unplanned filming, I've had a lot of fun with Nozomi so far.

Playability: 9 of 10

Staying Power:

My ever-cope out, I've had the figure for a few weeks or so. I can't tell if I'll love it next year. Though as she's one of my favorite characters I'm not too worried.

Staying Power: ?

Collection Utility:

Ok so my legitimate gripe with Nozomi is her awkward height. She's barely taller than Honoka, but shorter than Eli. Somehow this makes her look really awkward in contrast to other figures (especially the revoltechs). I can't really pose her next to most other figmas without the height actually being a problem. For some reason I just didn't have this problem with Eli and never noticed it with Honoka. 

 It's not a deal breaker by any means and I still think Nozomi will brighten up any desk you add her too. Just remember that the Love Live figmas are a bit shorter than most. That being said if you're a Nozomi fan like me it probably won't be a real issue :)

Collection Utility: 8 of 10

Thanks for reading/browsing! 

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