Thursday, December 22, 2016

Figma #276 Yugi Moto Review (King of Not Being Dead)

School kicked my butt and as a result I haven't had any time to post here. I'll try to make it up with as many posts as I can before 2016 ends (review all my figures that was a great joke right?)



 Yugi comes with:
2 Face plates
A windblown cloak
A hand rack with 2 hands molded to hold his cards
1 Card
A full hand of cards
A Duel Disk
A separate set of eyes
and ofc a stand
 Yugi with his cloak on

 Trying to show off Yugi's optional eyes, but got too creeped out to continue xD

Here's Yugi with his Cape and Duel Disk on!

Yugi with his hand of cards and pointing hand

All in all Yugi's accessories are on point. I couldn't ask for anything more!
Accessories: 10 of 10


Yugi comes with 2 faces:
His default confident smile

His stern angry face.

And that's it. I may be spoiled by figures with 3 faces and to be fair this is a decent range of emotion. Still these faces are a tad boring. Then again I can't think of what else I'd want so it's a paradox.

Faces: 7 of 10


 If you like Yugioh (which I assume if you've gotten this far) you'll hopefully love posing your figures playing it (the duel disk on Madoka was saved from one of the much older yugi figures). 

Yugi's duel disk fits on other figmas also, which allows you to get anyone into the game!

 The nerdy dream of the Witch of the East vs the King of Games!

Only issue I have is that Yugi is quite tall, while Nozomi is short. That being said Yugi pairs decently with many figures. 

Various responses to the King

Yugi is really fun to pose hanging out with your other figures. My only gripe is his height, but it's not awful. 

Playability: 9 of 10

Staying Power:

(I may obsessed with crack shipping these 2)

Anyway, as long as you like Yugioh, you'll likely keep enjoying this Yugi Moto figma. That being said I never like grading this category so soon. Give me a year to be sure.

Staying Power:
8 of 10

Collection Utility:

In a sea of underage girl toys Yugi stands out as one of the few male figures I'm happy to have. He's very dynamic looking and different from the average figma. He's a bit pricey (this cost me about $50). Still if you're a big Yugioh fan, you'll probably like this figure!

Thanks for browsing as usual! 

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