Friday, January 20, 2017

Bandai Naka Kai Ni Figure Review AGP? What this isn't a Figma?!

What the heck? Two posts in one day?! Also getting a figure that's not a figma? None of this makes any sense. I got this figure mostly because Kongou Kai cost $100 on Amazon, while this one was only $30. Is it worth your money? Why is she soo cheap? Let's find out! Here's a review of Bandai's Naka Kai Ni.

First up is the box

Can we take a moment to look at this box? I think this is the best figure box I've ever seen. It's bright colorful and huge. I really hate that it came with a dent otherwise it's really something.

Back of the box

Out of the box

Included in the box are...

Well a lot of them are her weapon pieces and stand base. It's kind of hard to describe all her pieces.

3 Optional Faces
Arm Turrets
Leg Turrets
Optional Hands


She has a standard smiling face

Naka also has a really cute winking face

She also has an angry face (Homura wat r u doin here?!)

Lastly she has a crying sad face

Naka's expressions are perfect and all I could ever ask for. One of the reasons I bought her was that she had so many useful expressions.

Faces: 10 of 10


Naka comes with turrets to add to her arms and legs. She also has her on stand and base.

Naka without the base. 

She's cute as a button, but her weapons look pretty fierce! My only gripe is that all of her pieces feel very fragile. All of them are sort of worrisome to pose.

Accessories: 8 of 10


Naka is a cute figure, but how does she stack up against other powerful fighters?

Homura returns to attack (also Naka really can't stand by herself, so I recommend a stand)

Uh oh it's a Woody attack!

Naka looks great alongside a lot of other figures. Despite being a brand I've never bought from before she fits in really well.

Playability: 9 of 10

Staying Power:

I'm not sure why I loved posing her fighting Homura, but it was a lot of fun to do. I can never fully tell if I'll like a figure a year from now. Though this is a unique figure for me. I've never bought from this brand and I've been pleasantly surprised by fun she is to use. 

Staying Power: ???

Collection Utility:

Naka is probably a minor pick-up even for Kancolle fans. I really liked her character despite Naka being a minor character. I think she makes an interesting addition to any collection especially since she's a gun-toting boat monster.

Collection Utility: 8 of 10

Final Thoughts:

Naka is a great figure though I do have a major gripe with her overall. In addition to her accessories, Naka herself feels very fragile. I'm worried she might break when I pose her. I'm not saying she will break, but compared to the vast majority of figures she feels like she will. 

For her low price though I think you get a decent and fun figure. I'd recommend it to Kantai Collection fans and for anyone looking for an interesting figure in general. 

Figma 313 Dark Magician Girl Review! Dark Burning Attack!

Slow post schedule is slow. Here's a review of the Dark Magician Girl figure released about a month ago from Max Factory.

Let's get started.

Back of the Box

Fresh from the box

Included are:
DMG Figma
Magical Spellbook + Stand for it
2 Optional Faces
(Bonus Dark Burning Attack Effect)


She has a standard smiling face

Second, she has a more confident looking smile

And lastly she has a winking face

Her faces are fairly boring. Then again I can't really remember Dark Magician being unhappy so I guess it fits. Her faces look nice, but still I prefer multiple emotions with my figures.

Faces: 7 of 10


Here's DMG with her wand

Here is her with Spellbook

It was a mistake to put on both of her knees at once. It was really hard and she did not sit well...

When used right it's a really nice piece though :)

Here's her GSC bonus piece. In all honestly I don't think this is a necessary piece. It looks nice, but by no means should you pay extra to get it. 

Her accessories are very on point. She looks great with all of them.

Accessories: 9 of 10


For the sake of looking at DMG's playability let's see her interaction with Homura Akemi.

DMG is slightly less articulated, which makes her harder to pose, but she still interacts decently with other figures.

Here's a quick height perspective picture

Playability: 8 of 10

Staying Power:

I'm a diehard Ygo fan so I'm certain that I'll love this figure for as long as I can have it. She's a perfect mix of cute and somewhat badass.

Staying Power: 7 of 10

Collection Utility:

DMG looks great with a lot of other figures. I recommend her as a nice addition to any collection!

Collection Utility: 10 of 10

Final Thoughts:

I've wanted a figure of DMG since seeing a version of it long ago in my childhood. I was never able to get it though and even images of that figure are hard to come by. That being said, this figure provided me with something I've always wanted and for that reason I truly cherish it. To any Yugioh fans I fully recommend this figure.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Figure Christmas Photos

Just like it says, here are some photos I took over the Holiday season. I hope you find them festive.

Let's get started.

I'll upload a few more, but this is all for now.

Thanks for dropping by :)