Friday, January 20, 2017

Bandai Naka Kai Ni Figure Review AGP? What this isn't a Figma?!

What the heck? Two posts in one day?! Also getting a figure that's not a figma? None of this makes any sense. I got this figure mostly because Kongou Kai cost $100 on Amazon, while this one was only $30. Is it worth your money? Why is she soo cheap? Let's find out! Here's a review of Bandai's Naka Kai Ni.

First up is the box

Can we take a moment to look at this box? I think this is the best figure box I've ever seen. It's bright colorful and huge. I really hate that it came with a dent otherwise it's really something.

Back of the box

Out of the box

Included in the box are...

Well a lot of them are her weapon pieces and stand base. It's kind of hard to describe all her pieces.

3 Optional Faces
Arm Turrets
Leg Turrets
Optional Hands


She has a standard smiling face

Naka also has a really cute winking face

She also has an angry face (Homura wat r u doin here?!)

Lastly she has a crying sad face

Naka's expressions are perfect and all I could ever ask for. One of the reasons I bought her was that she had so many useful expressions.

Faces: 10 of 10


Naka comes with turrets to add to her arms and legs. She also has her on stand and base.

Naka without the base. 

She's cute as a button, but her weapons look pretty fierce! My only gripe is that all of her pieces feel very fragile. All of them are sort of worrisome to pose.

Accessories: 8 of 10


Naka is a cute figure, but how does she stack up against other powerful fighters?

Homura returns to attack (also Naka really can't stand by herself, so I recommend a stand)

Uh oh it's a Woody attack!

Naka looks great alongside a lot of other figures. Despite being a brand I've never bought from before she fits in really well.

Playability: 9 of 10

Staying Power:

I'm not sure why I loved posing her fighting Homura, but it was a lot of fun to do. I can never fully tell if I'll like a figure a year from now. Though this is a unique figure for me. I've never bought from this brand and I've been pleasantly surprised by fun she is to use. 

Staying Power: ???

Collection Utility:

Naka is probably a minor pick-up even for Kancolle fans. I really liked her character despite Naka being a minor character. I think she makes an interesting addition to any collection especially since she's a gun-toting boat monster.

Collection Utility: 8 of 10

Final Thoughts:

Naka is a great figure though I do have a major gripe with her overall. In addition to her accessories, Naka herself feels very fragile. I'm worried she might break when I pose her. I'm not saying she will break, but compared to the vast majority of figures she feels like she will. 

For her low price though I think you get a decent and fun figure. I'd recommend it to Kantai Collection fans and for anyone looking for an interesting figure in general. 

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