Saturday, March 11, 2017

Figma #290 Review Figma Ted Allows for Shenanigans

So... you're not going to post again until next year at this point right? Well I've been using Figma Ted's accessories alot in recent pictures so I thought I'd offer him a very quick review also.





Ted comes with multiple legs/arms so you can pose him Standing/Sitting. A beer bottle and a bong are also included. You probably know the only reason I bought this figure now hehe.

Ted doesn't really have faces. Instead he come with 3 mouths and adjustable eyebrows. It's pretty good for letting you pose multiple expressions.

Faces/Accessories: 9 of 10

Playing Around/Screwing Around:

Alright, it's time...

Time for the myriad of pictures enabled by Ted and his accessories!

Basically once you combine anime girls with alcohol and weed it becomes hilarious very quickly. I love posing all my figures drinking. The one issue is that the bong doesn't fit in a figma's gripping hand. Instead you need to place a gripping hand on the small handle and have them cradle it. I don't even know if that's how a bong works x_x

Playability/Screwing Around: 10 of 10

Collection Utility/Staying Power:

Ted's accessories haven't grown boring since I got him back in December. The only issue is that Ted himself isn't that compelling to me. I'm not saying I bought a figure just to get props, but I will say that the props are easily the best part of this figure. I haven't grown tired of them at least.

Collection Utility/Staying Power: 10 vs 7

Final Thoughts?

So should you actually buy Figma Ted? Yeah mate, he's a great little figure to have. I may be enthralled with his accessories, but he's a cute little guy too. I would recommend him to figma collectors in general. Oh and I should admit that I haven't seen his movie, but if you're a fan of the movie you should consider this figure too xD

Now I can post out of context anime girls with booze pictures using this review as an excuse :3 

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Figma #303 Review Figma Prinz Eugen will likely conquer all

When I actually post I do it in droves it seems. Here's the third post and hopefully the best one of the the day. Here's a review of the fancy Kantai Collection figma Prinz Eugen!

(Yeah I don't even remember my normal routine anymore so let's just jump right into it)



In Packaging

First is Eugen's default smiling/looking off to the side face. It's cute (I didn't get the bonus smiling face due to college student poverty so that's unfortunate).

Second, here's her embarrassed/looking off to the other side face (noticing a theme here?) I love this face, it's soo cute xD

Lastly, is her angry/"I'm killing you!" face. I went with this last since we're going to move onto her accessories (aka the thing on her back next). I think her faces are all adorable. They are some of highest quality expressions I've seen on a figma in ages. She has a basic range of emotion (hitting happiness, anger and sadness). This figma is an A+ in this category.

Faces/Expressions: 10 of 10


So if you know what Kantai Collection is (and I know you do since you found your way here) you know that each figure comes with attachments to allow them to fight as boats. Eugen is no exception sporting a huge and still ridiculously easy to attach... uh artillery? 

 Here's Eugen with her artillery and her hand-gun/blaster thing equipped.


Side view

She also comes with a separate pair of bangs to pose her without her hat.

So I find the boat part actually alot of fun to screw around with. The artillery plugs into a hole (pretty much above her butt) that allows you to attach her back part easily. The boat needs her figma stand to keep her from falling over, but it's not a real hindrance. If you came here for boat girls/guns you won't be saddened. Her cannons are slightly articulated also. I'm scared to try to move them too much though. Oh yeah, she comes with a standard hand rack too (white gloves tho). 

Accessories: 9 of 10

Playability/Screwing Around:

Oh boy, I've been waiting for this part. I'm not much for Nendoroids, but when it comes to figmas my madness takes hold.

Eugen's back cannons look great with things attached to them (in this case I attached the S.H. Fire effects to her)

Time to crush the allies! (oh gosh I'm going to hell again...) 

 Or maybe the Japanese? Either way Eugen is about to wreck Naka!

As expected Eugen wins easily

But what if Eugen got goofed?
 Things are looking dicey for the German fleet!

I guess this is her "damaged" pose if anything.

But if you thought that was screwing around, you haven't seen anything yet!

 Eugen has already beaten her Kantai enemies, but can she hold her own against ordinary people?!

Possibly not, as a perverted fortune teller starts trying to adjust her frontal cavity.  

The situation grows worse as a strange foreigner offers her a sudden "maintenance check"

This is where things get momentarily NSFW 




I know this looks pretty bad, but this shot is good because it shows the hole that plugs into her artillery. Also technically speaking Egashira is shoving it into a cute, but dangerous killing machine so he's likely dead.

"Um, excuse me? Can we get a move on? I have shit to do!"

Oh she seems bored. We better finish things up. Though I could do this forever (and I might lol). Sincerely, I had a lot of fun posing her in as many ways as I could think of. It was consistently fun.

Playability/Screwing Around: 10 of 10

Collection Utility/Staying Power:

"You messed up my inner mechanisms you bastard!"

Prinz Eugen is my only Kantai figma so she stands out sitting on my desk cannons at the ready. I truly like the way she looks. As a boat monster she provides a unique spice to the collection. As for her staying power though, having a boat girl figure is a new thing so I have no clue if I'll feel this way in a year...

Wow this section sucks since I always review stuff right after I get it. Thus, I end up saying the same thing every time...

Uh oh, I'm getting too meta again, better post more lewd boat pics.

Wait that's not lewd, she's just about to add stabbing to her list of war crimes...

Why have I done this...

Staying Power/Collection Utility: Probably 10 of 10

Final Thoughts:
*Drink away the cringe

What the heck man? First you post 3 reviews in one day (2 of which you had no clue what you were doing) and now you're messing up your own crummy formula?

There's the reason for this...
"But he told me I could make my wish come true!"

This figma actually feels good, like high quality. I'm very satisfied with it despite the much higher price. She's got great faces, a cool gimmick and she looks great with random old accessories. I've been posing her doing everything from drinking to stabbing to murdering. Eugen is a great figure and I wouldn't say that about most figmas. She's like a breath of fresh air in an otherwise still world of figures. I think they tried hard with this one and actually succeeded. 

Ok so I'm likely to post a deluge of Eugen pictures either here or on MFC over the course of the next few weeks because she's that awesome. If you like Kantai Collection (and can resist crying over spending $70+ on a gosh darn figma) then I recommend her completely. Great figure, 10 of 10.

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Nendoroid #183 Review Mami Tomoe won't lose her head over this!

You can't just post a ton randomly every couple months!

Wait what? That's all I have though. I just build up a metric ton of figures and then cycle through multiple reviews (and dump a bunch of photos on MFC). Alright let's keep this going internet ppl!

Spoilers I guess? This show is old as heck now :/




Mami wants her baby :3

In Packaging 

Direct Comparison (Sort of)


 Here's Mami's default Smiling face, it looks similar to the figma's face.

 Second is Mami's angry face. She's soo cute when she's mad!

And lastly is her "deer in headlights" I guess I'm going to not move and die face

These faces are great. They give a range of emotion and reflect pretty much all the emotions she lived to make during her brief existence.

Faces: 10 of 10


 Mami comes with 4 guns (but somehow only 3 stubs to plug into her stand!). There is a hand to attach the gun to her hand, but I never got around to attaching it.

 Mami comes with a full teacup and plate. It wouldn't be Mami without tea!

Her huge cannon used for her Tiro Finale attack is also included! I might've put it on wrong though lol.

I guess technically Charlotte is Mami's accessory too. Once you get over how awful this is, it becomes somewhat cute...

I feel dead inside...

But yeah overall her accessories are great. They speak to the character and let you pose her in many relevant scenes...

Accessories: 10 of 10

Playability/Screwing Around:

Oh crud there are 2 Charlottes now! I'm certain 2 Mamis will be enough to handle this!

Or not...


Once you overcome how awful a person you are to be amused by this, the Mami nendoroid is alot of fun...

Gosh I'm a terrible person.

Playability/Screwing Around: 9 of 10

Collection Utility:

When you're a Mami fan like me (I bet you believe that right?) having a little Charlotte to threaten her with is very fun. I was eager to get the Nendoroid just to have the Charlotte accessory. I don't mean to say I got the Nendoroid for parts, but...

Anyways, like all Nendoroids, she can look cute just chilling on your desk.

Collection Utility: 9 of 10

Staying Power:
 While this is hideous, this will likely amuse me forever. Mami is bae, she's best girl and lovable. She should be protected...

Being Mami is suffering...

Staying Power: 10 of 10

This Nendoroid is great and cheap. If you like Mami it's a nice pickup.

Thanks for dropping by.