Saturday, March 11, 2017

Figma #290 Review Figma Ted Allows for Shenanigans

So... you're not going to post again until next year at this point right? Well I've been using Figma Ted's accessories alot in recent pictures so I thought I'd offer him a very quick review also.





Ted comes with multiple legs/arms so you can pose him Standing/Sitting. A beer bottle and a bong are also included. You probably know the only reason I bought this figure now hehe.

Ted doesn't really have faces. Instead he come with 3 mouths and adjustable eyebrows. It's pretty good for letting you pose multiple expressions.

Faces/Accessories: 9 of 10

Playing Around/Screwing Around:

Alright, it's time...

Time for the myriad of pictures enabled by Ted and his accessories!

Basically once you combine anime girls with alcohol and weed it becomes hilarious very quickly. I love posing all my figures drinking. The one issue is that the bong doesn't fit in a figma's gripping hand. Instead you need to place a gripping hand on the small handle and have them cradle it. I don't even know if that's how a bong works x_x

Playability/Screwing Around: 10 of 10

Collection Utility/Staying Power:

Ted's accessories haven't grown boring since I got him back in December. The only issue is that Ted himself isn't that compelling to me. I'm not saying I bought a figure just to get props, but I will say that the props are easily the best part of this figure. I haven't grown tired of them at least.

Collection Utility/Staying Power: 10 vs 7

Final Thoughts?

So should you actually buy Figma Ted? Yeah mate, he's a great little figure to have. I may be enthralled with his accessories, but he's a cute little guy too. I would recommend him to figma collectors in general. Oh and I should admit that I haven't seen his movie, but if you're a fan of the movie you should consider this figure too xD

Now I can post out of context anime girls with booze pictures using this review as an excuse :3 

Thanks for stopping by. 

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