Saturday, November 18, 2017

Figma #330 Review! Figma Iowa busts in!

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I pre-ordered the Iowa figma a long time ago. It cost a ton! Way more than the average figma, even more than Prinz Eugen. Is she worth it? Let's check her out!

The Box 
 Front of the box

 Back of the box

Right out of the box

First off are her accessories!

Iowa has her cannons/boat attachment!

And that's literally it... (I tried to move her cannons a bit)

Here's a comparison shot between Iowa and Eugen's boat parts. The issue I have with Iowa's attachment is that its a little harder to attach than Eugen's. It also is a bit smaller which is weird since she's huge in comparison. I'm  alsoscared of breaking her cannons too so I haven't moved them much. I'm not sure what other accessories I'd have wanted for her (maybe American food to be honest). 

Accessories: 7 of 10
Her default face is a pleasant smiling face/happy

Her second face is the same face, but winking

Her third face is another winking face, but she's also sticking her tongue out in a sort of "teehee" or "Oops!" manner

And GASP I have her pre-order bonus face which is the same face with her eyes closed...

Ok so while I'm seeming really critical these faces actually work.. I have never seen an image of Iowa not happy. Literally in all of the fanart I've seen of her she's very happy. Thus, getting essentially 4 happy faces sort of works. 

Accessories: 7 of 10

Iowa's chest was made for scenes like this

"How about an alliance kiddo?"

Historically in-accurate World War II naval battle ensues


Or maybe we all lose x_x

Iowa is alot of fun to play. You can pose her cannons ready for any challenge or perversely with her huge breasts. Personally I like posing her in her half damaged mode surrounded by the S.H. Figuarts flame effect.
"Lol I fu*ked up"

Playabilty 9 of 10

Collection Utility: 

If you want a Kancolle girl you can find far cheaper ones than Iowa. Her huge boat part makes for a huge pricetag. Still she looks great on your desk with her cannons ready or just goofing around in silly poses.

Collection Utility: 8 of 10

Staying Power:
So oddly enough I started this review back in July and just fell off the face of earth due to work. This has given me some rare insight into how I feel about Iowa. I don't pose her or use her very much. She's much taller than almost every other figure too. Still I really like just having her and whenever I do use her I really enjoy her goofy faces and massive chest. Iowa may not be the most used, but she's one of my most loved.

Staying Power: 9 of 10

Final Thoughts:
I'm hard pressed to recommend a figure that costs over $100 to anyone but the most serious Kancolle fan. Luckily in this case I can say that getting Iowa shows your devotion to America. Iowa is a glorious figure. You won't get sick of her, but if you due you can always pose her sinking due to poor internal management...

I just made a political joke there didn't I?

Thanks for dropping by! 

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