Saturday, November 18, 2017

Figma #SP 87 Review Figma Sexy Commando Gaiden Masara Reveals Himself

I feel like trying to binge out a few reviews suddenly. I got a lot of new figures since the summer, but had no time to review them. For example this next figure was pre-ordered alongside Figma Iowa months ago.

This review is for Hananakajima Masaru from Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoi yo!! Masaru-san!

So Masara here is pretty different from most figmas. He's a he, not a school girl or the typical male figma of an armored character. Male figmas are pretty rare, but what sold me on him were his beyond exploitable accessories. Let's get this madness started shall we?

The Box
 Front of box

Back of box

Right out of the box (he's a little too eager for this)

I'm going to save the accessories for last and go straight into his already absurd faces.

His first face is a standard smiling expression. 

His second face is this really happy winking face. Why is Mami here and scared you ask? Oh you already know why :3

 And his third face is this passionate face with glowing eyes. I love this face! I don't know much about this series so I can't tell if these expressions are shot on, but I can say that they're very fun to mess around with. 

Faces/Expressions: 9 of 10

Let's look at this crazy junk already...

Wait I got an idea! Let's combine Accessories with Playability to show off his weird accessories in action! 

Who would win in a fight?
A veteran Magical Girl capable of firing rifles at will or one sexy boi

Sexy powers activate!

*unzips pants*

Mami: "Eh?"

 Mami: "Ehhhhhhhhhhhh"


Yes indeed Masara comes with a second pants piece to show his fly open. He even comes with a hand to simulate unzipping his pants...

You're probably thinking that things can't get anymore bizarre, cringy and weird right? Well they do fam. Check this out

Masara comes with a small soda bottle and really big splash effect.. Let's see it from a normal angle.

 As you've already gathered, this accessory can be used to give the appearance of a golden shower.

 I drench your waifu! 


Masara comes with a second hairpiece to allow his head to look fully up. Maki uses this opportunity to get some revenge while showing off the accessory. 

And finally Masara comes with this little mascot guy. I don't know his name, but he's cute. 

So yeah I love these wacky incredibly bizarre accessories. These of course make Masara very fun to use which equals great playability! 


Accessories: 9 of 10 
Playability: 10 of 10  

Collection Utility:
 I'm not sure how many people really want a quirky male figma like this. I love him, but I'm an a weirdo. Most people go to figma for cute girl figures not really dudes. I can safely say that between Masara and the older Egashira figma that I'm very happy with my few dudes. Those two guys feel made for each other.

(Though Maki doesn't like it much) 

Anyway having a few male figures is useful and Masara does that job well. He comes in 3rd place as far as male figures I own losing out to Egashira and Woody (who just have better faces overall). Still a boon to any collection with an abundance of school girls to pose with. 

Collection Utility: 8 of 10 

Staying Power:
 Similar to Iowa I don't use Masara that much lately. Egashira usually fills the void I need for male figmas. That being said I also really like Masara as a figure. He's really zany and whenever I've used him I have a blast engineering an inappropriate or some cases cute scene. 

Staying Power: 8 of 10

Final Thoughts:
 This figure is really awesome. He's really weird and makes for many MANY absurd photos. I don't know how hard he is to get (being an SP), but I would recommend him to any one just looking for a creepy figma that's totally out of the norm. 

Many months ago I pre-ordered these two figures to pose this way. It was an incredibly irresponsible use of money. Do I regret it? 


Thanks for dropping by! 

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